Our Clean-outs, like the rest of our services, are designed to be different, to be better than what you'd expect.

With our Clean-outs, you even have the potential to make money!


If you have a space that's filled with junk but you aren't quite sure what's there, our service may be perfect for you. While most clean out services will reclaim valuable space, our service will reclaim space and value. We will quickly and efficiently empty the space and leave it broom clean, but we don't stop there. While we remove the rubbish and items from your property, we sort the items in search of anything of value. We will take up to 3 months to attempt to sell it, and send you a check for 25% of the proceeds. In some cases, this could even surpass the original cost of the clean-out!


For details or questions, please feel free to call or email us.