~Customer of the Week~


Mark and Sharon are longtime, loyal Empire customers. They are intelligent, generous, kind people who are an absolute pleasure to do business with. We are so grateful for their support and friendship!


~Past Customers of the Week~


You couldn’t ask to meet a nicer couple! Damon & Tracy Burton have been friends of Empire Estate Sales for a long time now. We are so appreciative of you guys!



Jeff & Debbie are our newest customers of the week! They are incredibly loyal estate sale shoppers. Jeff is a volunteer firefighter and Debbie is enjoying her recent retirement! Always pleasant, immensely knowledgeable, and present at virtually every one of our sales, they’ve become great friends over the years!



Our newest customers of the week, MaryKate & Bruce Lasch! You guys are always so friendly and pleasant! Thank you for being such loyal customers and always helping to make our weekends a little bit happier!



One of our very best friends and customers, Matt likes vintage electronics, and anything old and unique. Always an absolute pleasure, Matt is one of the big reasons this business is so enjoyable!



A big thank you to Paul & Betsy - two of our most faithful, loyal customers. It’s been years now, and every time it’s always fun! 



This week’s winners are Colin and David. The day always gets a little bit brighter when these guys show up. Thank you so much for all of the loyalty, friendship, and smiles!



Jon Chapelle got a killer deal this week. Thank you for shopping with us, Jon!



This week’s winners are Rick & Becca. Dog lovers, motorcycle riders, and buyers of vintage electronics (and much more!). We’ve traced our relationship as far back as Empire’s third sale ever. Now, with our 200th estate sale just around the corner, Rick & Becca have been great supporters and even better friends. Thank you guys!



This is Matthew. He owns a gorgeous antique shop called Glenwood Manor in Queensbury (well worth the ride! - open every day 10-5). Matthew has been shopping with us for some years now, and he’s always a true gentleman - fair, honest, and straightforward. We appreciate you so much, Matthew!



Truck loads of great sales, every weekend at Empire Estate Sales!



Great finds are hatching at Empire Estate Sales. Nick and Valerie are the new owners of this fittingly decorated ostrich egg. Let's congratulate the proud new parents!



Although we don't have a picture of his smiling face, Ed totally deserves to be our customer of the week!  When he bought this Harley at 9am, it was covered in rusty chrome.  By 1pm, he sent us this picture of a beautiful bike given a new life.  "Zoom" on in to Empire Estate Sales for some great deals!



This is Chuck. Chuck loaded up on great deals at Empire Estate Sales. Be like Chuck!



Customer of the Week - VIP

The Empire family lost a very dear friend. Roxanne Woodward was the kindest, most courageous person, and she came to mean so much to us over the years. She loved animals, people, and life in general. Despite facing an incredible illness and endless pain, she never stopped smiling. In fact, she had it harder than most of us, yet she was always the light in the room. She and her husband Woody loved their life together and spent their time enjoying each other and those around them, traveling, and shopping estate sales, of course. Roxanne was a walking miracle and in the end, her illness never really won, because she wouldn’t let it. Her courage and optimism was breathtaking. The love she and Woody shared is an inspiration to all of us. Rest In Peace, Roxanne. You will always be with us.