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Our Process

As we live our lives, some of our belongings take on a new meaning along the way. And in the end, they can trigger memories, connect families, and signify the things that are important to us.


Some are too dear to ever let go, but the rest is hard to find room for. Our expertise is in finding that room; new homes and new memories for the belongings that can’t go with you.


Your family worked hard, for a lifetime, to have all of these things, and you should get as much back as you can.

These are the thoughts that keep us compassionate, trustworthy, and diligent in helping you make the most of your family’s estate.


Empire Estate Sales, LLC is a team of Capital Region professionals with experience in business and finance, event planning, collectibles and antiques, and retail and marketing. Our professional backgrounds, common interests, and combined strengths blend smoothly into a company that is capable, resourceful, and reliable. We are passionate, energetic, and built from the ground up to be the best choice in personal property liquidation. 

We pride ourselves on our professionalism, and it is evident throughout every step of our process. Designed with efficiency, thoroughness, and success in mind, the service we provide will be second to none.


Because every family is different and circumstances can vary widely, we have created a unique, comprehensive program that is exclusive to Empire Estate Sales. Many available options provide a flexible, fully customized approach to liquidating property, for a simple, flat, highly competitive fee. Our service is a true one-stop-shop. We can take a home in any condition with virtually any logistical challenges and hand back our clients an empty, clean, realtor-ready home.

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