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Traditional Estate / Moving Sale

-An on-site, 2-3 day event.

-Maximizes volume sold and prices realized.

-Fixed, flat commission.

-No minimums, no set-up fees.

-Robust marketing campaign (FREE!)

-Fully insured & bonded staff.

-Excellent security protocol.

-Includes everything required for a successful sale.


We start with a beautiful, well displayed home. We clean or dust sale items as necessary, and neatly arrange all items to be sold. We use various signs in the house to help boost sales. We also take measures to prepare for the security of your items. We provide extensive photography and a highlight list for marketing your sale.


We advertise your sale generously using a combination of print and electronic advertising. We hand select local magazines or newspapers (as available) and your sale will be listed on multiple websites and social media pages with photography of selected items. Our extensive email list of interested buyers are notified of your sale, and we use many professionally printed, logo-branded directional signs in the area. 



We work strictly on commission with no minimums or set-up fees. Our income is directly linked to your income. We also never buy and resell with our own money. 100% of our relationships are commission based, so our clients are confident that our interests are perfectly aligned. Items are priced to achieve maximum value while also ensuring as many items are sold as possible.


Our professional staff will be on hand to assist customers and provide basic security. We increase sales greatly by accepting credit cards and offering delivery. Our staff is always in uniform and we often use radios to help the sale go smoothly. After the sale we can remove unwanted items from the home and perform any level of cleaning necessary.

Additional Services


To offer the most comprehensive and customizable services, we have multiple options that may be added to the 

Traditional Estate Sale.

They include, but are not limited to: 


Clean Out

We will leave your home completely empty and broom-swept, and we'll do it quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. Using us for your clean out ensures the job will be done right, and you'll have fully insured employees working in your home at all times.

Heavy Duty Cleaning

Some homes will require more than a basic cleaning to make the house presentable for the sale. In these cases, we will remove any excess rubbish and thoroughly clean the floors, counter surfaces, sinks, toilets, stove, refrigerator, and other appliances as necessary. This is also an excellent option for after the sale to make the home “Realtor ready”.


Curb Appeal

This option can be performed either before or after the sale. Designed to attract both sale customers and potential buyers of the home itself, this option may be easier and cheaper than hiring a landscaping company. We will rake and/or mow the lawn, trim edges and hedges, and clear out pathways to enhance the home’s beauty.


Free Delivery

Give your sales a huge boost! We will safely and professionally pack and deliver any items over $250 directly to your customers. 


Extra Security

As with any merchandise sales environment, there is always a risk of minor theft. While our service comes with built in precautions, we offer the option of hiring a security professional for added protection.


Fees apply for additional services.

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